Beaver Plastic Solutions

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A newly-formed company supplying building plastics to the construction industry such as guttering, fascias, windows and doors has moved into Unit 16 at Link Business Centre. Beaver Plastic Solutions is a family-owned business run by Tommy Baker, his wife Janet, daughter Danielle and team member Dale. 

The company was set up in November 2020 by Tommy who has over 40 years’ experience in the construction industry. As well as growing their business, Tommy and family are raising much-needed funds -via their collection tin in the shop- for St Richards Hospice where Danielle used to work.

Danielle says ‘We have found our experience at Link Business Centre really positive so far. Unit 16 is ideal for our needs and we have settled in well. The location is perfect.’

For further information about Beaver Plastic Solutions see

New move for Signs Central

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Signs Central has relocated from Unit 16 to Unit 8 Link Business centre to provide a bigger workshop area.

The benefit of the move, which took place in October 2020, is that the working area in Unit 8 is all on one level. Signs Central was established in December 2014 and has continued to grow with the support of neighbouring businesses at Link Business Centre.

Signs Central can offer almost anything to advertise and promote your business, to include indoor and outdoor signs, Health and safety Signs, vehicle graphics, window graphics, wide format printing, banners, flags, posters, magnetic and pavement signs.

Russ Amphlett, who heads up the business, is able to organise the design, supply and installing of signs.
For any further information, please see their website

A new defribrillator based at Link Business Centre – an idea that was ‘Close to the heart’ of the Owner

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When Claire Symonds of RPM, Link Business Centre went on a Red Cross First Aid Course in Worcester last year, she discovered that if a defibrillator is used within 3-5 minutes of cardiac arrest, survival rates jump from 6% to 50%. This made Claire realise what a huge difference having a defibrillator nearby would make to a person who has suffered cardiac arrest.
Claire approached Martin Wilesmith, Owner of Link Business Centre and suggested that it would be a great asset to local people to install a defibrillator within the Centre. The location is ideal, as it is within close proximity to several key places used by members of the public. Martin, who himself has had heart surgery a few years ago immediately agreed that it was a great idea.
Martin contacted Heartstart Malvern, who’s Treasurer is Melanie Baker, MD of Melton Support Services Ltd, Unit 1 Link Business Centre. They helped to advise and arrange the installation of the defibrillator, which is positioned just outside the gates of the Centre, so that it is available for use any time of day or night.
Since Heartstart Malvern launched in January 2017, they have provided free training to almost 3,000 local residents and schoolchildren on how to save a life by teaching them simple resuscitation skills and how to use a defibrillator.
Working together with Heartstart Malvern, Link Business Centre are offering training to any tenants and staff based on the site and other organisations in the locality.
I would like to thank Martin and his team for installing this life-saving defibrillator and would encourage as many people as possible to come forward for training. The location of this defibrillator means that it will not only benefit people working at Link Business Centre but it will also benefit the local community”. “Richard Vakis-Lowe, Chairman of Heartstart Malvern
Heartstart Malvern are keen to hear from any other local businesses or organisations who would like to arrange free training sessions for their staff. No previous first aid experience is needed. To book a Heartstart Malvern training session visit

IMG_0943Pictured from left to right: Melanie Baker, MD Melton Support Services Ltd and Treasurer Heartstart Malvern. Mark Wilesmith, Partner, Link Business Centre. Claire Symonds, Accounts/Service Receptionist, RPM Malvern Ltd. Richard Evans, Property Manager, Link Business Centre.

Hip, Hip Hooray to Andy Haigh!

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IMG_1066Andy Haigh, Mid West Automation, Units 5 & 22, Link Business Centre, has nothing but praise for his workforce who pulled together to keep production going while he was having major surgery. The business was going through a particularly busy time, supplying materials to a major Birmingham based manufacturer, associated with the automative industry. Andy has built up an excellent working relationship with the manufacturer so this was a critical time for the business. Gareth Lloyd and Lisa Whitehouse took control of production, assisted by Andy’s Grandson Carter, while his wife Jennie managed the paperwork and office duties, and his daughter Lisa Haigh, gave up her job as an accountant to take the helm. 

After having suffered from pain in his hip for a quite a while, Andy was referred to The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham where he was diagnosed with bone cancer. The cancer had spread into Andy’s pelvis and he was told that he would have to have a large bulk of his pelvis removed. Andy had to wait 5 weeks before surgery could be booked because a shadow on his lungs was also detected. Fortunately this cleared, and surgery was arranged. Andy had another 5 week wait while the prosthetic pelvis was constructed. He finally had surgery, which took over 8 hours in May 2018. Thanks to the skill of the surgeon, Mr Michael Parry, Andy’s leg was saved. After a 3 week stay in the hosptial in Birmingham, Andy was transferred to Malvern Hospital, where they began to teach him to walk again. He was released after 2 months, and returned to work after only 6 months… ‘Hip hip Hooray’ to Andy – well done!

Andy, pictured showing the extent of the metal prosthetic, which is screwed directly into his pelvis, connecting his upper leg bone.