Hip, Hip Hooray to Andy Haigh!

By May 30, 2019News

IMG_1066Andy Haigh, Mid West Automation, Units 5 & 22, Link Business Centre, has nothing but praise for his workforce who pulled together to keep production going while he was having major surgery. The business was going through a particularly busy time, supplying materials to a major Birmingham based manufacturer, associated with the automative industry. Andy has built up an excellent working relationship with the manufacturer so this was a critical time for the business. Gareth Lloyd and Lisa Whitehouse took control of production, assisted by Andy’s Grandson Carter, while his wife Jennie managed the paperwork and office duties, and his daughter Lisa Haigh, gave up her job as an accountant to take the helm. 

After having suffered from pain in his hip for a quite a while, Andy was referred to The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham where he was diagnosed with bone cancer. The cancer had spread into Andy’s pelvis and he was told that he would have to have a large bulk of his pelvis removed. Andy had to wait 5 weeks before surgery could be booked because a shadow on his lungs was also detected. Fortunately this cleared, and surgery was arranged. Andy had another 5 week wait while the prosthetic pelvis was constructed. He finally had surgery, which took over 8 hours in May 2018. Thanks to the skill of the surgeon, Mr Michael Parry, Andy’s leg was saved. After a 3 week stay in the hosptial in Birmingham, Andy was transferred to Malvern Hospital, where they began to teach him to walk again. He was released after 2 months, and returned to work after only 6 months… ‘Hip hip Hooray’ to Andy – well done!

Andy, pictured showing the extent of the metal prosthetic, which is screwed directly into his pelvis, connecting his upper leg bone.