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A new defribrillator based at Link Business Centre – an idea that was ‘Close to the heart’ of the Owner

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When Claire Symonds of RPM, Link Business Centre went on a Red Cross First Aid Course in Worcester last year, she discovered that if a defibrillator is used within 3-5 minutes of cardiac arrest, survival rates jump from 6% to 50%. This made Claire realise what a huge difference having a defibrillator nearby would make to a person who has suffered cardiac arrest.
Claire approached Martin Wilesmith, Owner of Link Business Centre and suggested that it would be a great asset to local people to install a defibrillator within the Centre. The location is ideal, as it is within close proximity to several key places used by members of the public. Martin, who himself has had heart surgery a few years ago immediately agreed that it was a great idea.
Martin contacted Heartstart Malvern, who’s Treasurer is Melanie Baker, MD of Melton Support Services Ltd, Unit 1 Link Business Centre. They helped to advise and arrange the installation of the defibrillator, which is positioned just outside the gates of the Centre, so that it is available for use any time of day or night.
Since Heartstart Malvern launched in January 2017, they have provided free training to almost 3,000 local residents and schoolchildren on how to save a life by teaching them simple resuscitation skills and how to use a defibrillator.
Working together with Heartstart Malvern, Link Business Centre are offering training to any tenants and staff based on the site and other organisations in the locality.
I would like to thank Martin and his team for installing this life-saving defibrillator and would encourage as many people as possible to come forward for training. The location of this defibrillator means that it will not only benefit people working at Link Business Centre but it will also benefit the local community”. “Richard Vakis-Lowe, Chairman of Heartstart Malvern
Heartstart Malvern are keen to hear from any other local businesses or organisations who would like to arrange free training sessions for their staff. No previous first aid experience is needed. To book a Heartstart Malvern training session visit

IMG_0943Pictured from left to right: Melanie Baker, MD Melton Support Services Ltd and Treasurer Heartstart Malvern. Mark Wilesmith, Partner, Link Business Centre. Claire Symonds, Accounts/Service Receptionist, RPM Malvern Ltd. Richard Evans, Property Manager, Link Business Centre.

Hip, Hip Hooray to Andy Haigh!

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IMG_1066Andy Haigh, Mid West Automation, Units 5 & 22, Link Business Centre, has nothing but praise for his workforce who pulled together to keep production going while he was having major surgery. The business was going through a particularly busy time, supplying materials to a major Birmingham based manufacturer, associated with the automative industry. Andy has built up an excellent working relationship with the manufacturer so this was a critical time for the business. Gareth Lloyd and Lisa Whitehouse took control of production, assisted by Andy’s Grandson Carter, while his wife Jennie managed the paperwork and office duties, and his daughter Lisa Haigh, gave up her job as an accountant to take the helm. 

After having suffered from pain in his hip for a quite a while, Andy was referred to The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham where he was diagnosed with bone cancer. The cancer had spread into Andy’s pelvis and he was told that he would have to have a large bulk of his pelvis removed. Andy had to wait 5 weeks before surgery could be booked because a shadow on his lungs was also detected. Fortunately this cleared, and surgery was arranged. Andy had another 5 week wait while the prosthetic pelvis was constructed. He finally had surgery, which took over 8 hours in May 2018. Thanks to the skill of the surgeon, Mr Michael Parry, Andy’s leg was saved. After a 3 week stay in the hosptial in Birmingham, Andy was transferred to Malvern Hospital, where they began to teach him to walk again. He was released after 2 months, and returned to work after only 6 months… ‘Hip hip Hooray’ to Andy – well done!

Andy, pictured showing the extent of the metal prosthetic, which is screwed directly into his pelvis, connecting his upper leg bone. 

Teaching time in Tanzania with help from EasyRead Clocks

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ER pic1Last October a group of teachers from a number of local Malvern Primary schools travelled to Tanzania to visit their linked schools in the Tanga region. This is an annual visit and there is a reciprocal visit from Tanzanian teachers back to Malvern in the summer. This link has been established over ten years with new schools joining as time has progressed. EasyRead Clocks of Unit 20 Link Business Centre gave some fabulous resources to take over to help teach time to the children. They have blackboards in the school although chalk is rationed and the children have exercise books but very liIMG_1068ttle in the way of concrete teaching resources. 

“EasyRead Clocks gave some small plastic clocks with clear hours and minuteIMG_1068s hands that children came up to the front of the class (of 85 children) and used to do different activities relating to time. They also worked on their English Swahili vocabulary for time. A large teaching clock held by the teacher helped model different times and answers. The children loved using the resources. These will be shared through the school for other classes to use too. Time is an important concept in Tanzania. In Tanga they have ‘Tanga Time’ where the day works in a different way to time in the UK. Their daily clock begins at 6am (when the day begins) and not at midnight like us. This means that 7o’clock in the morning is 1:00 in Tanzania. As if time wasn’t complicated enough already!

EasyRead Clocks also gave us two beautiful, colourful wall clocks to go up in two of the classrooms at the school. Thank you so much to EasyRead Clocks for their generosity. The resources will have a big impact at the school.” Debbie Russell

“We were delighted to be able to send some of our clocks and teaching aids over to Tanzania with Debbie and fantastic to see them in use and hear how she got on.” The EasyRead team pictured in their Unit from left to right: Eve Horne, Sue Shackleton, Stuart Blandford

Link Business Centre is proud to provide Amity International 
with the ideal location for its in-house design expansion

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Amity 1The Amity Group was founded by Mokhles Tangestani-Nejad and Ram Singh in 1991. In 2005, Amity moved into the healthcare sector by developing several patented technologies in the area of High-Level Disinfectants (HLD) for instruments, surfaces & the environment. These initial products led to the development of the healthcare range.

In 2017 Amity opened a dedicated Research and Development Centre & Equipment Manufacturing facility, housed within their Barnsley Warehouse site. This 2,000 square foot resource is mostly used for product testing, ensuring that Amity are continually pushing the boundaries of chemistry within the disinfectant market and producing state of the art technologies to meet consumer demands.

Amity had an opportunity last year to take on an experienced designer in the relevant fields to make this idea a reality. Stephen Byrne is a resident of Malvern and with Amity allowing him to choose a site for this venture anywhere in the country he chose if possible to stay in his hometown. Link Business Centre offered a chance to make this happen. Offering the right size of unit, the position of the site along with having on site management made Unit 18 an ideal proposition. Stephen will be working on projects such as automated Whole Room Decontamination Systems, which provide professionals with a highly effective means of Infection Prevention & Control. He was particularly impressed with the modern, clean and professional feel that the Centre provides, which is what Amity were looking for, crucial when receiving visitors from such organisations as the NHS. Stephen has plans to take on local young people on an apprentice basis when the manufacturing process commences at Unit 18.

AMITY group of companies are approved suppliers to some of the largest corporations in the world i.e. Shell UK, General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Jaguar. Already a significant employer in the UK and USA the current expansion programme includes new initiatives creating employment prospects and partnership opportunities on a worldwide scale.

Manufacturing bespoke solutions for the aerospace industry supplying companies such as BAe Systems, Lockheed Martin, Airbus, Boeing to name but a few. 

(Photo: Stephen Byrne (left) receiving the keys to Unit 18 from Richard Evans) For more information:

Moving back to Meigh Mansbridge & Co Accountants was definitely a calculated decision for Stuart

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Stuart Thomas joined Meigh Mansbridge & Co (MMC) Accountants as a Junior Accountant in 2003 at the age of just 17 after leaving Hanley Castle High School. He remained with MMC for 8 years, working his way up to the position of Semi-Senior Accountant. In 2011 he decided to leave MMC to gain experience working for larger companies. He spent the next 6 years working for Hazlewoods, a large Accountants in Cheltenham, and Velcourt Ltd, based in Ledbury.  

Stuart always had the desire to return to MMC once he had gained experience, and in July 2017, the opportunity arose for him to move back, becoming Partner with Mike Cushing in March of this year. An impressive transition from ‘apprentice’ to ‘owner’ in just under 15 years!

Mike joined MMC in 1992, joining original Partners, Roger Meigh and Kevin Mansbridge after having trained in Hereford, specializing in the Farming Industry. The firm have been established in Malvern for over 40 years. Roger and Kevin opened their first office at Link Top, along the Worcester Road. 

They moved to Link Business Centre 15 years ago. Their office there has provided them with the extra space they required to enable them to increase staff levels and grow the business. Along with professional meeting rooms and ample space for parking and storage, it has proved to be the ideal conveniently situated location for both staff and especially clients.

Since moving to Link Business Centre, they have built up a portfolio of over 650 clients, both corporate and the self-employed, from many trade sectors, including Construction, Manufacturing, Retail, Entertainment & Recreation, Technology most of whom are local to the Malvern area. On average, they have been attracting 25 new clients each year, all through recommendation. They pride themselves on providing a very personal and flexible service to all their clients and offer professional advice enabling them to focus on the success of their business and peace of mind that their affairs are in good hands. For more information:

Link Tools Annual Trade Show

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Link Tools, Units 14/15 are holding their Annual Trade Show, on Friday 7th September 2018.

With demonstrators from many Companies, including

Your opportunity to try before you buy. There will be free refreshments.

Special Show Deals with free value added products.

Nationally renowned Company give Upton Business Centre the ‘thumbs up’!

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GT logo1When GreenThumb Lawn Treatment Service, the largest and most recommended lawn care company, with over 200 branches nationwide decided that they needed more space for storing their products and machines in the Three Counties area, Unit 1C at Upton Business Centre proved to be the ideal solution. 

Its proximity to the M5 and M50 will provide easy access to their Head Office in North Wales and the strategic, secure location of the Centre will be the perfect additional base to provide their Lawn Operatives with the necessary equipment and support to carry out in excess of 1 million lawn treatments every year.

GreenThumb was started by Stephen Waring in North Wales 32 years ago. His first office was in the back of his Ford Sierra, but has since seen his business blossom, with the Company having an annual turnover of over £15m. 

Stephen started his first business venture when still at school in north Wales, selling loft insulation. And he was still only 19 when he invested £64 in 1,000 leaflets, put a bucket of fertiliser in the back of his Sierra and knocked on doors, offering to feed and weed lawns. He ended up with 70 customers on one housing estate alone. Stephen, determined to be a success, realised that with an estimated 20 million UK lawns, there was a huge untapped market. He researched the idea and set up GreenThumb UK, tailoring the concept to meet the needs of the British market and climate.

The company, now based in Denbighshire, North Wales, grew steadily, with Stephen taking on staff to help him deliver the service across the whole country.

In 1994, Stephen took the next big step in his business career. He decided that to spread across the whole of the UK more quickly, he would expand through franchising.

GreenThumb now perform millions of treatments every year nationwide – from Northern Scotland to the Isle of Wight. They continue to pioneer the very best there is in every aspect of lawn treatments, including lawn fertilisers.

There are now approximately 800 GreenThumb vans travelling around the country, regularly seen in cities, towns and villages, the nearest one being in Great Malvern.

New Tenants, Unique Polymer Systems Ltd have certainly got it covered!

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Until recently, Unique Polymer Systems Ltd were based in Ledbury, but when Unit 19 at Link Business Centre became available, Robin Pettigrew (CEO) and his team, Tom Pettigrew (Global Sales & Distribution Director) and Lucy Lewis (Office Management) decided to re-locate there, to take advantage of the secure location, the flexible space that the unit provides, and the ideal accessibility and parking, all of which will assist in the growth of the business.

“We are very pleased to have moved to Link Business Centre. It has a vibrant atmosphere, and the flexibility of the space will allow us to adapt the Unit to suit our requirements – in fact, we are commencing work on creating new office space very soon. We are looking forward to seeing our business flourish here for many years to come, with the encouragement and support given by the owners, Martin and Mark Wilesmith”. Tom Pettigrew, Director

Unique Polymer Systems provide cost effective alternative solutions to the high cost of replacing worn equipment and parts, specialising in the emergency repair on leaking pipes, vessels, supplying corrosion resistance coating for all types of substrates and in most applications, such as tanks, floors, roofs and infrastructure. 

Robin Pettigrew, Director, established the family run Company over 25 years ago in 1991, after having gained vast experience in the area of specialist protective coatings, and having owned multiple businesses in that area of industry. 

Although their team is fairly small, Unique Polymer Systems has extensive experience and expertise. They have built up strong relationships with their customers, priding themselves on their high performance service, and the level of support they provide to an array of industries across all continents. Helping their clients achieve sustainable and ecological solutions to many engineering and infrastructure problems.

The Company supply a world class range of Protective Coatings to the industrial world, across the globe, but although 96% of their turn-over is through exports via their website, they also have customers closer to home, and are currently working with a Hereford based cider company, alongside a local based contractor to complete the job. The project is worth nearly £1 million, just for one tank and will take up to 5 months to complete. 

Assembly_Rehabilitation_CW_Pumps_Job_402EP_210CR_205FG_16Pictured left: A recent refurbishment project, a Cold Water Pump at the largest Power Plant in Karachi, Pakistan.